Briefing – Dome drive

Halfday, full day and multi-day drives

You can choose the guided tours or buy the self-drive map (we strongly advise that if you take the map you should get the 30minute briefing before going).

Meet us at our base

How to find us:  map location

We are across the Vaal River from Parys, about 3,5km from town. Take the road to Potchefstroom over the bridge and about 200 metres later turn left onto Kopjeskraal road. We are 2,3 km down the road, white wall on the left just after Dome Inn.

On all tours, use your own vehicle. Ordinary cars (provided not too low-slung) can manage the gravel roads, though in some areas the surface is badly corrugated. SUV or 4×4 are best.

There are many stops along the way when we get in and out of vehicles. Be prepared for an interrupted journey – and don’t hesitate to ask questions. We have plenty of time.

Options and Rates

Naturally, we don’t do tours or provide briefings for nothing. You can choose what you want to do and get a quote.

  • Briefing only: R50pp. 15 minutes or more if you have lots of questions!
  • Self-drive map and booklet: R340 (no charge for the briefing)
  • Half-day or full-day tour. Rates on inquiry.

We strongly advise you not to attempt to do the Dome on your own. Unless you have some background knowledge you won’t have a clue what you are looking at. The structure is vast, complex and can only be seen as a whole from space! We know the best viewsites to get a good idea of the Dome crater core and surrounding first ring or Bergland.

What to bring

Bring own refreshments and/or packed lunches. In summer, a coobox with ice is a good idea!There are good view points at which to stop and refresh. There are a few facilities along the way with toilets.

We can stop for refreshments, lunches and toilet breaks at the quaint and picturesque Old Imperial Inn in Ventersrkoon.

Come prepared for all kinds of weather – hot, cold, rainy, windy – as the climate is changeable in the mountains.

Wear good walking shoes, have a hat, sunscreen and water. We can do short walks to particular sites of interest. Walks are seldom more than 100 metres. Disabled or elderly people will be drive as close as possible to viewsites.

Binoculars, a notebook and camera are worth having. In many parts of the Dome there is little or no connectivity for cellphones. Don’t depend on GPS navigation but have a map.

If using the self-drive map and booklet, you will need cash for some access fees to special sites. The charge is never less than R50pp and sometimes more.

Our vehicle

The guide will often hitch a lift with one of the participants, but we do have a 4×4 and this can be hired for small groups of 3 or maximum 4 with the guide driving. Make arrangements with us in advance if you wish to visit offroad sites. Discuss with us at WhatsApp 084 245 2490.

Other: kids, dogs!

Children love the talk and video on meteorite impacts, and many enjoy looking at and feeling the rocks on display. Children under 10 do get restless and must please be managed by their parents.

Dogs are not allowed on many properties. If travelling with you in the  vehicle, make sure you have water and something to feed them.