Cycling Kit


Once you’ve booked to go, read this and the next page – Cycling Safety


A light, comfy backpack to carry warm pullover, extra water, energy snacks, sunscreen
A small personal towel, and a little first aid/medikit to serve the group
We provide cycling gloves, helmet but you may bring your own
We do not provide cycling visors (“glasses”, but plastic) so you do NEED your own
If you have cycling pants, bring them. Otherwise wear shorts (maybe a double pair!)
A short-sleeved shirt is fine, but in winter carry a light full length shirt or cycling windcheater as well
Carry a CHARGED cellphone for pix and to stay in touch with us if help is needed


Do you know how to fix a bicycle puncture? If not, ask and we’ll give a lesson
The trails in our area are stony and occasionally thorny
The bikes have inner liners in the tyres
You will have one repair kit and a pump to use


There is usually a R50 to R75 per person cash entry fee for cycling venues so bring cash
Most venues provide a map
We tell you where to find the venues and we give you a short map briefing before going