There are many ways to do the Dome. Here are some of the activities we offer.  There is also comfortable, quiet accommodation at Otters Haunt on the Vaal: inquire here.

 Drive & walk

Hikers in the Holkrans Cave, an archaeological wonder in the Dome Bergland.

Come canoeing

Canoeing among the wilderness islands of the Vaal, channels formed in the deep Dome structure.

Tackle the rapids

Whitewater rafting on the Vaal.  The river has eroded and revealed the ancient Dome, exposing a landscape reshaped by impact.

Paddle to see

Trail cycling, following routes used by the early Trekkers as they approached the mysterious hills they called Kopjeskraal.

Hang off a cliff

Abseiling: getting up close and personal with the Dome geology.

Contact us to discuss.