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Based at Otters' Haunt, Kopjeskraal Road, opposite Parys, North West Province, South Africa

The Dome is so big it can only be seen from space - as in the image here (false colour highlighting the features). Come to our Vredefort Dome information centre to learn all about the mightiest asteroid impact of them all. The Unesco World Heritage Site draws tourists, school and student groups, scientists and adventurers. We are 2km from the town of Parys, on the Vaal River in central South Africa. Get hold of us to arrange your visit and plan a tour to suit your interests - from geology to battlefields, from driving and hiking to cycling and rafting.
Stay at Otters' Haunt Wonderful riverside accommodation in the Dome with direct access to many sites of interest.

Why a ‘Dome’?

Why is it called a ‘dome’?

The Dome is the central uplift or upheaval dome in the centre of a far larger crater structure.

Drawings of the Dome

There are many diagrams and artist’s impressions of the Dome impact scenario, all of them more or less simplified. At left, the formation of a complex crater. This drawing shows roughly how the Dome occupies the centre of the crater with its central core surrounded by melt and debris between it and the perimeter.

Diagram from the Explorer’s Guide to Impact Craters: